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What is Malware? How to protect your computer from it?

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What is Malware?I have seen many people who are not aware of Malware. Many of them don’t know that what is Malware and how it can be harmful for their digital lives. So here is some stuff that might be helpful of those who are interested in knowing about Malware.

What is Malware

What is malware? People who are new to internet might ask this question but most people just have an idea about what is malware. Malware is anything that disrupts the smooth running of a computer system. It is software just like all the software that we use except the fact that they are rather destructive rather than being helpful.

Who creates malware? Anybody with a computer and an ability to make software can create a malware. Computer hackers and evil geniuses create malwares to affect the smooth running of a computer. Malware is actually the combination of the words Malicious and Software. Continue reading…

Temple Run 2: A little history!

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Temple Run 2Temple Run 2 has been launched for Android gamers after iPhone users. Temple Run has been a darling of everyone who owns a Smartphone. The game is highly addictive and fun to play. Most of us are aware of what Temple Run is all about; let’s see how it came into being.

The Temple Run was conceived and developed by Imangi Studios; a small team of dynamic members; husband and wife Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. They implemented and developed the technical side of the game. The graphics of the game are designed by the brilliant Graphics Designer Kiril Tchangov.

The game is an endless run; the player grabs an idol from the temple and runs to save his life from hellish monkeys. During the run, a number of obstacles are faced. They could be avoided by sliding from under them or jumping over them. A tilt of the gadget makes the player change his position. The longer the player runs, the more points he makes. He can also grab the coins on his way. These points then in turn could be used to shop in the Game’s Store. The store offers many upgrades for the power and other perks to improve the game play. Continue reading…

Download your Facebook Profile in few clicks

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Download your Facebook ProfileA couple of years back, people started realizing that how Facebook saves each and every piece of data that is created by the users. It even remembers the people you have poked! This somewhat freaked the people out! Some people had requested Facebook to provide them with their Account details and history and upon receiving the records, they found each teeny-weeny detail of their activity. After this, Facebook decided to launch a new feature that allows the users to download all their Account information.

Now you can easily Download your Facebook Profile. Let’s check how…

Continue reading…

Website Traffic Tracking Tools: An insight

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Website traffic tracking toolsWebsite traffic tracking tools are important to analyze your website’s traffic. Getting traffic for a website is the prime objective of setting up one. Today, when the Google search engine has become very smart and diligent, it is not very easy to get traffic. One needs to work hard to direct traffic to his website. The traffic on a website is synonymous to the success of the site.

There are many amazing website traffic tracking tools, available on the Internet, that help in tracking the traffic of the website. These tools have great features that could tell a lot of details about your website. Some of these website traffic tracking tools could even tell the dominant gender at our website. Let’s review some of the best tools out there. Continue reading…

Is Free Blog a good start? Tips for beginners.

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Is free blog a good idea?Free blog is a place where you have to pay nothing to own your website. It sounds so good that you can have your company or personal website without paying a dime. This is why people love to go for a free blog when they want to have a website.

Making a free blog is not bad at all. After all many big companies like Google Inc runs its free blogs on blogspot (blogger.com) for their several products. So, why can’t you?

There is no harm in using free blogging platforms like blogger.com or wordpress.com. These platforms are internationally recognized and very easy to use that anyone having less technical knowledge can get his blog up and running. There are many cool features available that a blog owner can enjoy without spending bucks. Continue reading…

Cell Phone Spying: How to Spy on a Mobile Phone?

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Cell Phone SpyingCell phone spying can reveal a lot of secrets that you would have wanted to know. Today Smartphones and cell phones provide us with endless possibilities of staying in touch and connecting with people. This is extremely beneficial in many aspects like in the matter of business, safety and prompt response. But as it is often said that nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Cell phones could become lethal and harmful in many cases. Continue reading…

Google Images: Find Accurate Images with Search Tools

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Google Images Search ToolsGoogle Images is a matchless companion of a graphics designer. He uses them as frequently as he breathes! Life is impossible without it. Google Services have a large fan following and the credit goes to the clarity, simplicity and amazing utility that these services offer.

Not much people know about the wonders that Google Images is capable of. Most of us just type the keyword and hit Enter followed by picking up the best looking image from the first or the second page of the Search results. That seems enough but you would be amazed to use the power of Google to find you exactly the image that is on your mind. Let’s explore the Search tool features of Google!

To use the Google Images Search Tools, search for the image. You would find the button of ‘Search Tools’ at the bottom of the right end of the Search bar. Click and uncover the power! Continue reading…

WordPress security steps during installation

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Wordpress securityWordPress security is the most common concern among new and expert bloggers. Everyone including you and me loves to make his blog secure. But there are many naughty guys who keeps trying their best to break WordPress security and gain access to your blog.

There are so many security plugins available for WordPress and you can find many online WordPress security guides as well, which tells you again and again about:

  • Hiding WordPress version
  • Making .htaccess file secure and unbreakable
  • Long lists of WordPress security plugins
  • Making your passwords strong
  • blah blah blah

No doubt, all these tips are essential, but still many blogs gets hacked everyday. Then where is the WordPress security? Why those tips and plugins can’t stop your blog getting hacked? Continue reading…

What is Android and How to Learn Android App Development?

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What is AndroidWhat is Android; let’s find out! Android is now almost a household name. With the Smartphones flooding the market of gadgets, Android has become one of the most sought after technologies.

What is Android?

Android is an Operating System that is primarily deployed on Smartphones, tablets and touch devices. Initiated in 2005, it was bought by Google Inc. in 2007. Just like other Google ventures, Android was made easily available and hence it made the technology of Smartphones affordable for people on a big scale unlike the way Apple Inc. wanted it to be! So Android has become the big time rival of iOS!

Let’s get into a little bit of technicalities to actually get a feel of what is Android! Continue reading…