What is the Latest Verdict on 6streams Streaming Platform?

The sports season is once again on the rise. You either catch your favourite play on the TV or get a paid subscription on any application. However, for some of us, neither is feasible. This is where 6streams come to our rescue!

The 6stream website covers several channels including movies, TV series, sports, etc. Users can access the website from anywhere in the world. With 6streams you can now enjoy high-quality video and audio content for free!

What is 6streams?

The 6stream website is an online portal that users can access free of cost. If you are an avid consumer of NFL and other sports content then sites like 6streams are for you! Whether it is NBA, NCAA or MMA, enjoy HD quality content for free.

Websites like 6streams are where you get all your favourite sports content altogether. No more hopping from one channel to another or one app to another. You can choose from a wide array of options and stream at 1020p resolution. With an optimal user experience, a site like 6streams is what all sports lovers need!

Categories Available on 6stream

You can trust 6streams to be your go-to sports website. However, it also offers other content like movies and TV series. However, a website like 6stream is most popular for sports live streams. The website offers the following categories for sports lovers-

  • Handball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball

Is 6streams Safe?

Websites like 6stream tv often operate in a grey area of legality. It brings to you content for free which you otherwise had to pay for. Therefore, for obvious reasons, it is likely to come under legal scrutiny. 6streams does not possess any legitimate license to download and distribute copyrighted items.

Although users can enjoy free live streams of sports, the website raises legal concerns. However, given all these issues, it is still safe as per user experience and it is an attractive source.

What Happened to 6stream?

Given the legal troubles due to the distribution of copyrighted content, 6streams faced some streaming interruptions. If you are a regular visitor to 6streams website, then you must have witnessed the same.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) decided to decommission 6streams due to all the takedown requests against the platform. As a response to the takedown, 6stream users are now getting redirected to markkystreams.com. It is an attempt to battle copyright infringement and legal issues. Stay tuned to this website to get more updates about 6streams!

Working 6streams Website Links:

Now that users are facing streaming interruptions with the 6 stream official website, they are actively looking for a new site. However, screening through search results is difficult. So, let us make things easier for you.

The site that is currently working is where users get redirected. It is the markkystreams.com website. There were other webpages of 6stream tv, however, they are now working at present.

Working 6streams Proxy Links:

When a website like 6streams comes under legal scrutiny, owners try to change domain names to combat such issues. So if your access to the 6streams website is blocked then you can try proxy or mirror links to unblock the site. These proxy sites are intermediaries that connect users to the official site by redirecting them through several servers.


6stream.tv is one of the proxy links that gives direct access to all the contents available in the site’s database. Users do not require any VPN to access this site. However, it is not available in several regions.


Initially, 6streams xyz was one of the official websites. However, currently the 6streams.xyz site is not working. However, if the link is working in your country then you can get full access to sports live streams, movies, series, etc.


One of the fastest-developing proxy links of the official 6streams website is 6streas.net. The site offers uninterrupted access to unlimited sports content. Whether it is NBA or hockey, users can enjoy it for free.


One of the most popular proxy links is the 6 streams.io. If you are looking for a proxy 6streams alternative site then try this proxy link. Screen through the genres to find what you are looking for.


6streams.rv like other proxy links includes all original contents. You can stream anything you want. Whether it is sports or any movie, enjoy without any interruptions.

Similar Websites Like 6streams

Streaming websites like 6streams operate in a legal grey area. Therefore, the original and the proxy websites often face shutdowns given copyright issues. So it is smart to know about the 6streams alternative sites. The following gives you a list of best 6streams alternatives-


If you are a sports lover then you must know about streameast. It is one of the best when it comes to live sports video websites. The video quality is top-notch. Also, you get a variety of genres to choose from. So if you want an alternative to 6streams, streameast is a good start!


Another popular sports streaming site is crackstreams. As an alternative to 6streams, this site will not disappoint you. Users can get web links to match one day before the live stream. It is quite easy to navigate and user-friendly.


Another better alternative to 6streams is methstreams. Users can enjoy the same perks like live sports events, matches, etc. It is considered one of the best alternatives to 6streams given its user-friendly interfaces. However, it aggregates third-party content due to which it also has legal trouble.


Another 6stream alternative is SportSurge. Users can enjoy live sports online. There are several links available to a live match. So you can browse at your own pace and find the sport that you enjoy!


It is the holy grail for all the football lovers out there. For any sports event or a match live stream, hesgoal is the go-to site. There are very few ads and interrupting pop-ups on this website. If football is your beloved sport then the best free hesgoal 6streams alternative is your destination.


With brand new tools, functions and updated services, Vipbox brings you free livestreams. Users can enjoy over 33 sports categories. You get access to unlimited sports content just at one single source free of cost! You can change video quality, enjoy dual-channel streaming, etc. These are some qualities that 6streams does not offer.


Another popular alternative to 6streams is buffstreams. Users can enjoy all leading sports streams like UFC, NFL, etc. All matches and events are available at a single stop. It is a go-to site for thousands of sports fanatics worldwide.


Nflbite monitors all NFL games. Matches and leagues. It is the best for all NFL livestreams. It is the ultimate website for all NFL buffs. No matter where you are, Nflbite will never disappoint.

NBA Streams

The focus of NBA Streams as the name suggests is especially NBA matches. However, users can also access NFL and F1 streams. There are links to other live streams as well, so do not worry!


Totalsportek gained popularity over time given its varied streaming options. It gave free livestreams to sports events by NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. So, it has to be one of the 6stream alternative sites that users must check out.


If you seek real-time streaming of your sports event then Stream2Watch is your destination. All your matches are available here. The site keeps navigation easy. The interface is user-friendly. All sorts of links for NHL, snooker, Premier League, hockey, golf, etc. are at your service. All of these services are brought to you at Stream2Watch for free!


Compared to other streaming sites, 6stream comes off as a fairly new website. However, it has quickly risen in popularity. Users took a liking to this site due to the sports content that it offers for free. We are officially in the era of digital media, so people actively seek online live streaming of their favourite sports and movies. Even if the 6stream site comes under legal fire, users still keep going back to it for a seamless sports experience.


Q. Is it legal to use 6streams site?

Ans. 6 streams operate in a legally grey area. It offers contents free of cost which otherwise are paid. It does get into trouble for copyright infringement.

Q. Does 6streams stream Live TV?

Ans. Yes, 6streams is a live-streaming website. Users can log in and enjoy live streaming of their favourite content.

Q. What Is 6Streams XYZ?

Ans. The 6streams xyz is one of the official website domains of the 6streams platform. Users can enjoy online sports, movies and TV series for free. It is a one-stop solution for all sports fanatics.

Q. Which devices are compatible with 6streams website?

Ans. Users can use a number of devices to browse 6streams website. For instance, Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Android boxes, iPads and iPhones are all compatible with 6 streams platform.

Q. How to Use 6streams on Your Firestick?

Ans. You can mirror your phone screen onto your TV using the Amazon FireStick. You need to connect the Firestick to your mobile hotspot. Then, enable the display mirroring option available in the wireless display dropdown. Turn the wifi on, then select the Firetv stick option. Now your mirroring is supposed to work successfully. After you do so, you can stream matches via 6stream platform on your TV using the Firestick.

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