Blogging Blunders: 9 Mistakes that Might Get You in Trouble

Sharing ideas, passions, and narratives through blogging is a great idea.

However, were you aware that there are certain major traps that might land you in a lot of trouble?

Let’s take a closer look at nine blogging crimes that could bring unwanted consequences. This would not only help you in your blogging journey but also help you to earn from this profitably.

1. Over-Sharing Can Be Overwhelming

Blogging is like having a conversation with friends, but there’s a catch. Telling too much about yourself might seem harmless, but it can attract unwanted attention.

Cyberbullies, those online troublemakers, may target you. Anonymity can make their actions even more harmful. It’s crucial to strike a balance between sharing and protecting yourself online.

Imagine pouring out your heart in a blog, only to face hurtful comments or even threats. It’s essential to be mindful of what you share to keep the online experience positive.

Setting boundaries is like having a shield that protects you from potential harm. Remember, not everything needs to be shared with the entire internet. Source

2. The Cyberbully Trap

Kindness matters online too. Blogs often have comment sections where people can express their thoughts. However, some use this space for cyberbullying.

Anonymity empowers bullies, making their actions more harmful. Be cautious and report any harmful comments to keep the online space safe for everyone.

Picture this: you’re excited about your latest blog post, and then you see hurtful comments. It stings, right? Cyberbullying is like a dark cloud over the sunny world of blogging.

Always remember, your words have power, so use them for good. If you see something mean, report it, and make the internet a friendlier place. Source

3. Unseen Dangers in Your Photos

Sharing pictures adds a personal touch to your blog, but be careful about what you reveal. Posting photos taken in your home or around your neighborhood might seem innocent, but it can provide too much information.

Someone with ill intentions could use these details for harm. Learn to strike a balance between personalization and protection.

Your home is your haven, but not everyone needs to know every detail. Be cautious about what you reveal through photos.

It’s like locking the doors of your house – you wouldn’t want just anyone to have access. Keep your online space cozy and safe. Source

4. Digital Footprints: Not Just for Bigfeet

Every word you type on your blog leaves a digital footprint. Think of it as footprints in the sand; they stay behind, marking where you’ve been.

Search engines keep track of these footprints and archive them. Learning about how blogs store information and setting privacy settings is like controlling where your footprints go. Imagine your blog as a trail in the online forest.

Search engines follow this trail, leaving a record. Learn to control your digital footprints by understanding how blogs work and adjusting privacy settings. It’s like deciding which parts of your trail you want others to follow and which ones to keep private. Source

5. Parents on Patrol

For parents, keeping an eye on your teen’s blogging adventures is crucial. Access their accounts and screen posts for any content related to mental health, cyberbullying, or anything dangerous.

Schools can also play a role in creating digital boundaries and using monitoring software to ensure a safe online experience for students.

Parents, you’re the superheroes in your child’s online world. Check their digital backpacks for any signs of trouble. Schools can be your sidekicks in creating a safe online environment.

It’s teamwork to keep the internet a place where creativity and positivity thrive. Source

6. YouTube: The Good and the Not-So-Good

YouTube is a treasure trove of content, but there are rules to follow. Dangerous challenges, pranks that can cause harm, and harmful acts are a big no-no.

Understanding these rules is like having a map for your YouTube journey.

YouTube is like a big playground, but there are rules to ensure everyone has a good time. Dangerous challenges, pranks that cross the line, and harmful acts are not allowed.

It’s like learning the dos and don’ts before entering a game. Play safe and enjoy the YouTube adventure! YouTube Policies

7. Weapons and Why They’re a Big No

YouTube has strict policies about sharing content related to weapons.

Instructions on harming others, explosives, and firearms are off-limits. Staying informed about these policies is like having a shield against dangerous information.

YouTube has set up a safety zone by saying no to harmful weapon-related content. It’s like keeping the internet streets safe by not allowing anyone to share instructions on causing harm.

Stay within these guidelines, and your YouTube journey will be secure and enjoyable. YouTube Policies

8. Digital Security: Guard Your Secrets

Hacking, stealing, and bypassing payments are not cool.

YouTube prohibits instructional theft, hacking tutorials, and content that guides users to access digital content without proper authorization. Understanding digital security is like having a lock and key for your online treasures.

Your online secrets are like treasures, and digital security is the lock and key. YouTube’s rules prevent anyone from sharing how-tos on stealing or bypassing payments.

It’s like having guards in the digital castle, ensuring only the rightful owners have access to their treasures. YouTube Policies

9. Illegal Goods: Stay Away!

YouTube strictly forbids content that promotes illegal or regulated goods. Understanding the rules about illegal items is like having a compass to navigate the online world safely.

YouTube is like a vast sea, but there are rules to prevent illegal waves.

Content promoting illegal or regulated goods is not allowed. It’s like sailing with a map that marks where you should and shouldn’t go. Stay on the legal route, and your online journey will be smooth and trouble-free. YouTube Policies


Blogging is a delightful journey, but safety is the compass that guides you. Balancing self-expression with protection, being cautious about what you share, and understanding the rules of the online playground are crucial. Navigate the digital world wisely, and let your blog shine in the safest corner of the internet!

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