Certification to Improve Your IT Career

Want to get to know the certification to Improve your IT Career and get more doors open for you? Then your search will end here. We are going to discuss Certifications which can help you to improve your IT skills and can also help you in boosting your career.

Many professionals are unfamiliar with the top IT certifications that are available on the Internet which can help them boost their skills and get promotions as well after learning and applying relevant skills.

Today, in this article, we have mentioned the top 10 IT Certifications that can be free or less expensive to purchase. But, can increase your skillset and help you in your work life if you are a professional If you are a student then after completing these courses or certifications you can get your dream job in the world’s top MNCs.


After COVID-19 every person from the globe is aware of the knowledge of the IT Industry. In COVID-19 people and businesses who run in the offline market have bear lots of losses and those businesses who adopted the new trends of the internet survived best.

After that small and large businesses got to know about the power of the Internet world and after that many vacancies for IT Skillset persons were out to recruit IT professionals.

To get your first or new job in the field of Information Technology ( IT ) these are some top demanding and high salary Certifications to Improve your IT Career.

List of Top High-Demanding IT Certifications to Boost Your Career

Here is a list of the top 10 certifications to improve your IT Career and get placed in top MNCs.

  1. Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS)
  2. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
  3. Certified Data Profesional (CDP)
  4. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  5. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)
  6. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CNP)
  7. Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
  8. Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)
  9. Google Professional Cloud Architect
  10. Project Manager Professional (PMP)

1. Amazon Web Services Solution Architect- Associate (AWS)

The Amazon Web Services certified solution architect associate is a certification program designed and built to check the candidate’s ability to create and check and use cloud initiatives and scalable systems on AWS.

This is more helpful for cloud solution architect professionals, project managers, and administrators as well as developers.

Those who want to apply and take an examination to pass the AWS Certification have to read the following Important credentials for AWS Solution Architect Certification below-

  • Needed- Before giving an examination, the candidate has to have prior knowledge of AWS technology and basic programming concepts.
  • Number of Questions in examination- 65
  • Passing Score Required- 720

2. Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

The CCSP Certification program is a program that requires an advanced skill set like advanced technical skills, a good amount of knowledge in design, managing and securing data and privacy and infrastructure using the cloud’s best practices, policies, and procedures designed and established by cyber security professionals at International Information System Security Certification Consortium.

Those professionals who want to get certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) have to read the following requirements before applying for CCSP-

  • Needed- Minimum Five years of experience in this industry, with at least three years of experience in IS and one year of experience in the six CCSP domains.
  • Number of Questions- 150
  • Passing score required- 700/ 1000

3. Certified Data Professional (CDP)

The CDP Certification is an updated version of the Certified Data Management Professional offered by the ICCP.
CDP Professionals can specialize in any interested area like Business Analytics or Data Analytics, design, Integration, or Management of Data.

In CDP, a total of Five levels are offered, which are given below-

  • Foundation
  • Associate/ Practisionate
  • Master/ Expert
  • Principle
  • Executive

Those who want to pursue the CDP Examination have to read the following details before applying for the examination-

  • Needed- Varie depends on the level of certification
  • Number of Questions- Varie depends on the level of certification
  • Passing Score Required- Minimum 50% to 70% marks should be scored.

4. Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)

The CEH v12 certification is the most popular and highly demanding certification on the Internet. CEH v12 certification’s syllabus continuously gets updated every year so students as well as professionals can get well-up-to-date information.

CEH v12 Certification focuses on the latest hacking tools, methodologies, and techniques that are used by hackers and cyber security professionals to find vulnerabilities in the organization’s system and fix them by creating solutions for them.

CEH v12 certification is provided by the EC-Council.

If a person is interested in Cyber Security and wants to apply for CEH v12 certification then He/she has to attend the EC-Council’s five days of training includes a total of 20 modules and over 200 hands-on labs with competition flags and needs to pass two exams that test your learnings, knowledge and skills and complete missions that helps you to develop real-world experiences.

Unlike other certifications, where you can directly apply for an Examination and get a certificate after completing the exam. For CEH you need to submit exam eligibility before purchasing an examination voucher.

  • Needed- Approved CEH training certificate or at least 2 years of experience in Cyber Security.
  • Number of Questions- CEH ( ANSI ) 125 Questions and CEH ( Practical ) 20 Challenges
  • Passing Score Required- Minimum 70% marks should be scored.

5. Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The CSM Certification represents that you have acknowledged that you are eligible for an effective and productive working environment. And now you can guide other people in understanding Scurm Values, principles, and practices.

This CSM Certification is offered by Scrum Alliance which teaches Scrum Framework and understanding team accountability, events, and artifacts.

Interested persons who want to apply for CSM have to read the following Important Information before applying for CSM

  • Needed- There is no eligibility requirement, but candidates have to complete multiday training.
  • Number of Questions- 50 Questions
  • Passing Score Required- Minimum 74%


Those who want to transform their career or want to upgrade their skills have to choose any one of the given certifications apply for it and get passed out successfully.

Once, you successfully complete these certifications you will be able to upgrade your job and get placed in Top MNCs. These are the top five certifications in the field of Information Technology which allows candidate to upskill their career.

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