How to Fix the Issue ‘Is Down’?

Intro About is a North Korea-based online platform. It offers a variety of entertaining content, like anime series, web series, TV shows, and movies. Many users visit the website to stream their favorite web series and enjoy the diverse content of their choice. However, a few users have recently experienced the issue of website downtime, which leads to a common question ‘Is down?’ Here, we will discuss everything related to, like potential causes of website outrage and solutions to overcome it.

Is Down

Many times, users may not be able to access website. In this situation, the question Is down? You may experience difficulties in accessing the website because of many reasons. The common problems are temporary server outrage and the website under maintenance by its administrators. Every website undergoes regular updates and improvements, which lead to temporary downtime. The same thing applies to the website.

However, website downtime may even take place from high traffic volumes, as they overload servers leading to slow loading times or intermittent availability. If you still have the same question of Is down, we should say that your local internet connectivity problems may hinder your access to the website.

How to Check the Status of

Website status implies the online availability of a specific website. If you want to know what happened to, you should check the respective website status or the response of its server. For this, you may choose the following methods-

Ping Test

Use the ping command from the command prompt of your computer or laptop device to know whether is down. For this, you should type ping without quotes in the command prompt and press enter. If you get responses, the website is running.

Social Media Platforms and other similar website admins often use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms to update their users about scheduled site maintenance or ongoing site tissues. Accordingly, you get updates related to temporary downtime.

Extensions of Web Browsers

A few web browsers provide extensions, which help you to monitor real-time website status. Such extensions often highlight an icon to indicate the website status. The main benefit of using a browser extension is that it prevents you from leaving the browser window while checking the website status conveniently.

Configuration Management Tools

If you are an advanced user with access to different configuration management tools to check the website status. You may use monitoring systems to track any website’s availability regularly and send alerts whenever they identify any site downtime. In other words, you may easily get the answer to Is down for every user.

Use Online Checkers

There are many online checker tools designed especially to check website status. Such tools let you enter the site URL in the respective given space. Once you enter the URL, you will get updates on the website’s accessibility and its downtime (if any). A few popular online checker websites or tools are-

Down Detector

Down Detector regularly provides real-time updates on website outrages and related user reports. Just enter the site URL into its search bar and get access to the relevant data or its present status within a few seconds.



Pingdom provides an intuitive interface to track uptime percentages for a particular period. The tool also identifies recurring problems or patterns with the availability of a website.


Is It Down Right Now

Is It Down Right Now does much more than only check the website status. It gives details related to the website server’s response time and the last reported history of outrage for the website


Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot online checker website is the best option for all users who want a comprehensive approach. The tool monitors multiple websites at the same time. It also gives instant SMS or email alerts to inform about downtime errors.


Causes Why Down

Identifying the reasons for downtime is the next step to finding solutions to the query Is down. A few probable reasons for the website downtime include the following-

Website Maintenance

Website owners and other developers schedule planned website maintenance. Website outrages take place for the specific planned maintenance period. The main objective of such outrage or maintenance is to increase the safety and efficiency of the website.

Server Overload or Intense Traffic

Website servers may sometimes become overloaded by an increase in online traffic or any type of resource-intensive procedure.

Domain Problems

Temporary website unavailability may take place when there are issues related to DNS configuration or domain registration.

Coding Errors

Website downtime or improper functioning may also occur if there are certain bugs or errors in its codes. These include syntax errors, typo mistakes, compatibility problems, and logic errors in website programming.

Troubleshooting Tips and Solutions for

You have already understood what happened to and analyzed a few common causes for it. Now, it is time to apply a few troubleshooting tips and solutions to re-access website-

Server Upgrade or Maintenance

You may contact website owners or access its social media accounts to know how long the website upgrade or maintenance will last. In this way, you will know when the site will be online again.

Fix Website Bugs or Coding Errors

A website may sometimes have certain bugs or coding errors, which affect its functionality or appearance. Such errors often take place from software updates, human mistakes, browser compatibility, and related external factors. If this is the case, you should refresh the website, clear your web browser’s cookies and cache, update your web browser version, and disable any plugins or browser extensions. Alternatively, you may switch to any other browser to fix the issue.

Use a Proxy Server or VPN Service

You may use a proxy server or VPN server to access the website from any other IP address.

DDoS Protection Implementation

Users may contact website owners or its hosting providers to inform them about any DDoS attack. On the other hand, website owners/hosting providers implement filters, firewalls, cloud services, load balancers, or any other DDoS protection steps.

New Working website URLs for

Many internet and social media users have raised a common question Is down? The answer is yes, as the website owners have started taking steps to shift to new domains. Accordingly, you will get the opportunity to enjoy streaming popular movies and TV shows on other working website URLs very soon. Alternatives 2023

Other than raising the question of Is down, many users have started searching for alternatives. These include-

i. KissAsian

KissAsian is a free online streaming website, that lets Asian drama lovers enjoy Asian and Korean movies/TV shows free anytime and on any device.

ii. Dramacool

Dramacool website offers Asian movies and TV shows or dramas in high quality and that too without any buffering issue. However, it also pulls content from third-party resources.

iii. DramaGo

DramaGo is also a highly demanding app to stream and watch Asian and Korean shows on any Android device. Besides Korean shows, you may also enjoy Chinese historical dramas and Japanese anime with DramaGo.


Overall, smooth access to the Korean streaming site of ensures a seamless user experience. Just understand the underlying reasons for the website downtime and work actively to resolve them spontaneously. Also, you should monitor website performance, implement robust security measures, and update the software regularly to achieve uninterrupted website access.

Therefore, emphasize the significance of user feedback and seek the necessary improvements actively to achieve a smooth overall experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is safe?

Ans. As per the experts’ analysis, using the website is safe. However, like other entertainment websites, we recommend you be cautious while streaming any content from the website.

Q. Is legal?

Ans. It is impossible to say whether is legal or not. However, experts have found many negative indicators of the website and a low trust score. Hence, verify the legitimacy of the website on your side.

Q. What happened to

Ans. The latest update from experts revealed that the website has gone down for every user. The underlying reason may be the copyright issue, for which the site owners have blocked it temporarily. Instead, the website may have a new domain shortly.

Q. Why can’t I access

Ans. Failure to access may be due to many reasons. These are website maintenance, server overloading, domain issues, coding errors, and DDoS attacks.

Q. How to unblock website?

Ans. Once you find that the website is down or blocked, you should take the following steps to unblock it-
1. Check the internet connectivity to your device
2. Check the server status of the website
3. Clear cookies and browser caches
4. Try a different web browser 
5. Try to open the website in the Private Incognito Mode 
6. Use Virtual Private Network

Q. Is down for everyone right now?

Ans. If you want to determine whether is down for everyone or only for your connection, you should check its status. You should also use a down detector, clear browser caches, and try the site on any other device or web browser. 

Q. What is another website like Kisskh?

Ans. You will find many other websites like Kisskh, such as AsiaFlix, KissAsian, DramaGo, and Dramacool.

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