Leveraging Real Estate Technologies: A Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Real Estate Technology?

Any online portal, application or online program that are used to search, sell or manage real estate can be classified as real estate technology. There are many similarities between a real estate and housing technology that is generally used by banks, positioning companies, developers, subcontractors and real estate experts.

A good example of a real estate technology is Zillow. Since its establishment in 2006, the internal mechanisms of Zestimate has incorporated contextual information such as local tax records along with general real estate criteria like square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Using innovative computer vision techniques, property-owners who enrol their properties on Zillow upload specific photos of their home. Zestimate then utilise the images to create a considerable value of the property based on the factors like curb appeal and natural light.

Approximately, 3 percent of error is found in the inaccurate median of the Zestimate. On the other side, fifty percent of its calculation comes under the three percent of the final selling price for a property. That is a substantial rise above the Zestimate’s 14% median error at the time of its establishment. Businesses other than Zillow bring certain changes in the value of real estate. The increasing number of automated valuation models (AVMs) has a direct connection with the potentialities of the AI technology.

These years has witnessed a deep revolution in the real estate industry, especially due to technological upgrades. Technology has deeply affected due to which it align: justify stamp on the real estate market by impacting from virtual tours to online listings, block chain transactions to AI-driven pricing projection. This technology revolution offers a wide range of opportunities to the purchasers but it also has a unique set of choices and blocking up. We will now highlights the points that buyers should consider oneself for utilizing the real estate technologies in this article.

The traditional method to seek for a property has given a new transformation to a digitally powered real estate industry. With various advanced technologies and resources at their fingertips so that it gets easy for buyers to accelerate the process of purchasing a new stay, but they must think wisely to move further in this unfamiliar field. For making an informative and profitable purchase, buyers should note the criteria that are necessary which will be discussed further when using the real estate technologies.

Let’s delve into some most important factors that needs attention before purchasing any properties using the real estate technology. The list goes like;

1. A Good Market Research in Online Portals

Online portal has evolved as a primary source to gain information before purchasing a property. Although, buyers should maintain precautionary measures when depending unknowingly on these online websites. It is better to gather and cross-check important information from different sources, then check the accuracy of the data and ensure that the property list is enrolled currently.

2. Online Tours and Distinct Viewing

Online tours and 3D imaging have made it more convenient to look for the properties distinctly. It is a most helpful tool and is as similar to a manual view. Before purchasing always keep in mind that viewing online may not serve you with all the necessary details and a manual inspection is necessary to examine the property carefully.

3. AI-Powered Budget Fixing

Artificial intelligence algorithms can suggest a budget for properties. However, be aware before proceeding as these budget recommendations depends on previous data and market trends and they may lack in accuracy for the characteristics of a unique property. It is important to hire a real estate expert to gather an accurate informations.

4. Mobile Applications for Real Estate

Mobile apps has witnessed a transformation in the property hunting providing features like; real-time alerts and searching through maps. Buyers should review the app’s credibility, security, and the accuracy of the information that is been provided.

5. Safe Transactions

Block chain technique is used for a safe real estate transaction. As it can improves the clarity and security, purchasers should be alert about the involvement of the block chain real estate agreements and seek for a legal help to direct the process effortlessly.

6. Personal Data Security

With an increase in the use of the real estate technologies your personal data security is an important concern. Always ensure that the online portals and mobile apps they consider have a strong data security measures applied.

7. Online Feedback and Evidence

One of the common mistakes that buyers do is they usually depend on online feedbacks and proofs for an intuitions in real estate agents and service providers. It is necessary to examine how accurate these reviews are, as some of them be not accurate and can create problems.

8. Seeking Professional Advice

Apart from the affluence of the real estate technologies seeking professional advice from a qualified real estate agent or an advisor is irreplaceable. Always seek for an expert guidance for cross referring the information, negotiating properly and overcome the complex process of the real estate transactions.


Inevitably, the real estate technologies has provided access to the purchasers to aggregating the tools and data, but to use them involves certain rules and regulations. Concerning to make a careful and a money-making real estate decision process the buyers need to be unbiased, cross-check facts and look for advice from qualified professionals. Technology should be considered as a tool but not as an alternative for knowledge and hard work.

For making an informative and profitable purchase, buyers should note the criteria that are necessary which will be discussed further when using the real estate technologies. Seek help from real estate technologies before purchasing a property and make informative yet self-assured decisions by considering these factors before any purchase.

In this article, we have discussed about different factors that one should consider when using a real estate technology from any online portals to ledger transactions. By acknowledging the possible advantages and restrictions of these technologies you can direct the advanced real estate technology properly.

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