Privacy Policy

Thetechnomag promises to protect and safeguard the personal information of our audiences. Our commitment towards our users is the priority. We are very mindful about what user data we collect, disclose, interact and use when one visits the website. The following describes our privacy policy in detail. Hence, by reading our blog, users consent to our privacy policy and its terms and conditions.

Other than the following, the website does not collect any other personal data that might breach user security.

  • Quick Overview- Let us discuss a few terms before disclosing our privacy policies to make sense of them a tad bit easier.
  • Account – A term that refers to a unique access point for all users that seek our services
  • Cookies- They are little files that websites put in on your devices. These files contain information about your browsing history.
  • Country- The general definition as it is which tells which nation you hail from. For example, India.
  • Device- Any gadget that users employ to access our services. They can be computers, mobiles, tabs, etc.
  • Personal Data- Any information that can help to identify any user
  • Service- This refers to the website services that users seek.

The following lists our privacy policies-

Personal Information

When users log into the website, they voluntarily accept sharing a few personal data with the site. Interacting with a site, like, commenting on a blog, subscribing or writing to us requires you to submit a few details. This information may include user names, email addresses, etc. that users voluntarily share.

Non-Personal Information

Collecting non-personal information when a user enters the Thetechnomag website is automatic. This data outlines the IP address, device or system information, browser type, operating system, etc. The purpose generally is trend analysis, tracking user engagement and improving content quality for better user experience. The following discusses a few non-personal data-

Log Data

Log data refers to information that browsers send to the host website when users seek service. Therefore, information like the user’s IP address, browser version and type come under log data. In addition, data like the date and time of your site visit and similar statistics are part of such information.


These are small amounts of data stored in a file. Cookies come with a unique identifier. When you enter a website they ask permission to send them to your browser to get stored on your device’s hard device.

The aim here is to simply collect information. If you dislike the idea of ‘cookies’ collecting your data then you can change your browser to reject all cookies. However, some parts of the Thetechnomag website might be inaccessible if users deny permission to all cookies.


At, we value the safety of our users the most. Your data is important and we try to make sure it’s secure. However, no matter what data transmission over the internet cannot be 100% safe. Although we aim to ensure zero threat to your cyber security, guaranteeing absolute safety is difficult.

Links To Other Sites

Sometimes our website thetechnomag, might contain links that redirect you to other pages. These third-party links do not come in the operation preview of Thetechnomag. In such cases, we strongly advise you to be mindful of the privacy policies of the third-party website.

Thetechnomag has no authority over these websites. Thus we assume no responsibility for cybersecurity, content or otherwise concerning these websites or links.

Children’s Privacy

The services that Thetechnomag offer are not for individuals below the age of 18. That is our content is not children-oriented. The site does not intentionally use any personal data from individuals below 18 years of age. If you are a parent and become aware of such a thing, please write to us via our email address. Our immediate action is to delete any such information from our servers.

Compliance With Laws

If required under strict conditions, we would need to disclose user personal data to subpoena or law.

What is the Use Of Collecting User Data?

The data that the website collects is for several reasons. Amongst many, let us list some of them-

  • For better maintenance and functionality of the website
  • To increase user experience through trend analysis
  • To improve content quality and user interface
  • Build a strong and better customer support system
  • To prevent the occurrence of any fraud and fend off any cyber threats to the website

For How Long Does User Data Remain With the Website?

If users interact with a blog on the site comment or subscribe to a newsletter, then that metadata gets stored forever. The purpose is to study the pattern of comments or recognise any follow-up comments. It also makes comment approval easier automatically.

However, if you sign up with our website, more personal details like name and email address are required. Users can voluntarily share and delete their data whenever they wish.