Terms and Conditions

Before proceeding, users must read the Terms of Use with utmost caution. You must accept these terms and conditions before you engage with the thetechnomag.com website.

Accessibility to the services that Thetechnomag offers depends on your compliance with the stated terms and conditions of the website. Irrespective of everything, these Terms of Use apply to all users, site visitors, and anyone who seeks thetechnomag website’s service.

Further below we will discuss the various terms and conditions. However, it is important to understand that these terms affect your interaction with the website. You agree to each of these terms by entering the website.

Also, it must be noted that the thetechnomag website is only for individuals above 18 years.
The following are some of the terms of use as the thetechnomag website maintains-

Intellectual Property Rights

Thetechnomag website is the sole proprietor of all the intellectual property rights. All of the content and material available on the website belongs to thetechnomag website given their legal licence. Apart from your data, everything else is for thetechnomag to claim.

Your Content

Your content’ refers to video texts, audio, images and anything that users share on the www.thetechnomag.com website. According to standard website terms of use, when a user agrees to disclose their ‘content’, the website gets the authority to use it as they please, even non-exclusively.


In case any of the terms of use stands invalid under any law, that must be curbed and deleted. The term gets removed with no effect on other provisions.


When users come across a breach of any of the mentioned terms of use, Thetechnomag’s website should stand indemnified completely. It is free of bearing any damage or liabilities. No expenses due to breach of terms and conditions, demands or losses make thetechnomag website responsible.


Within the rights of the thetechnomag website, they are free to make changes as they wish to the site. Whether they want to assign, update, transfer or subcontract well within the purview of terms of use, thetechnomag can without notifying users. However, users cannot do so.


There are a couple of restrictions that users must accept before signing up with the Thetechnomag website. Let us list down a few-

  • Users must not distribute thetechnomag website-specific data to other platforms
  • No commercialising of website content
  • No intentional damage to the thetechnomag website
  • Hindering access to the thetechnomag website for other users
  • Causing any harm to the thetechnomag website or any user in any way that goes against the laws and regulations
  • No data mining or data harvesting using the website database
  • Users should not use the website to advertise their own business or services.

Limitation of Liability

If any trouble brews, the thetechnomag website team are not to be held solely accountable. This stands for cases where the issue arises due to visitors interacting or using the thetechnomag website. The team should not be held responsible for any damage, be it indirect, special or consequential.

Variation of Terms

The Techno Mag website team has the authority to revise or introduce changes to the existing terms as they please. If you visit the website often, then you must notice changes and adjustments made now and then.


The thetechnomag website can stop their services without any prior notification. Even if there is no breach in terms and conditions, termination of services is possible for whatever reason the proprietors see fit.

The provisions of the Terms of Use list are likely to survive the termination. It would be able to battle out any form of termination including ownership provisions, and warranty disclaimers, without limitation, indemnity and liability

Entire Agreement

As the name suggests, an Entire Agreement is a complete agreement between the users and the thetechnomag website. The agreement deals with the ethical use of the website and it supersedes all agreements you have had earlier.

Rules and Regulation

Lastly, all terms and conditions outline applicable law. The laws of the state and centre govern these terms of use. If there are any disputes between you and the thetechnomag website then you can settle in the court of law.

As we have listed the terms and conditions of using the thetechnomag website, let us do a quick overview. Getting access to the website depends on the user. If he or she accepts all the conditions then, all the services of thetechnomag are open for you!

Usually, in terms of use clauses ‘you’ is referred to the client or user. The ‘company or business’ is regarded as ‘our,’ ‘we,’ and’ us,’ which means that we are the ones who are offering the service to our clientele.

To Wrap Up

We have made an elaborate effort to discuss various aspects of our platform. The work we do, the audience that we aim to cater to, our services, the pros and cons, terms and conditions along with a disclaimer for better comprehension.

Nevertheless, if there is something we can still help you out with you can write to us at thetechnomag@gmail.com.