What Is VPN Split Tunneling And How Does It Work? Which VPN Offers?

Split tunneling is a VPN feature that separates your internet traffic and sends some of it through a secure VPN tunnel while sending the other data through an unsecured open network connection. Split tunneling often enables you to pick which apps to safeguard and which to allow to connect normally.

This capability is helpful when you need to keep some of your traffic private while still having access to local network devices. As a result, you can access both local and overseas networks simultaneously. It’s great if you want to conserve bandwidth, too.

How does VPN split tunneling operate, though? How come you would use it? Do you require it, too? Let’s look at it.

What Is the Process of Split Tunneling?

A split tunneling software idea essentially “splits” your internet connection into two. By doing this, your VPN provider sets up two connections for you to use online: one that connects to the internet directly and encrypts all of your data over a secure VPN tunnel.

VPNs encrypt and secure your internet traffic by default, shielding your online data and activities from prying eyes. One feature that many of the top VPN services give is split tunneling. You can select which websites, applications, and networks you want to access directly and over the VPN. Consider it as maintaining a foot inside and outside your VPN tunnel.

Let’s use Wikipedia as an illustration. The massive online encyclopedia prohibits editors from editing Wikipedia pages while logged in through a VPN or proxy. Therefore, you must add their site to your VPN split tunneling list to update it. One more illustration is Ticketmaster. You might also need split tunneling features if you use a VPN and want to purchase concert or sporting event tickets via their website.

Diverse VPN Split Tunneling Techniques.

There are several ways to use VPN split tunneling, including:

  • URL-based split tunneling: You can select precisely which URLs you wish to use VPN encryption by using URL-based split tunneling. Typically, a VPN browser plugin is used for this.
  • App-based split tunnelling: This type of tunneling allows you to specify which apps should be routed over your VPN while the rest of your traffic stays on your home network.
  • Inverse split tunnelling: In contrast to the first two examples, where you may select which apps and URLs you wish to be routed through your VPN, and everything is by default transmitted through the open network, with inverse split tunneling, all traffic is sent through the VPN unless you indicate otherwise. Inverse split tunneling allows you to select which URLs and applications you want to bypass the VPN for.

Split Tunneling VPNs: Pros

VPN split tunneling has many benefits and drawbacks, just like other VPN capabilities. To assist you in deciding whether to use this feature, consider the advantages and disadvantages.

VPN Split Tunneling Benefits

  1. Because not all your internet traffic must go via a VPN server, it increases internet speeds by removing bottlenecks and preserving capacity.
  2. It enables simultaneous access to multiple networks, allowing you to connect to your home network while concurrently accessing your workplace or foreign networks. This implies you don’t need to constantly join and disconnect from your VPN. So, you can:
    • Download something without browsing more slowly.
    • Use Google to stream international movies while receiving local search results.
    • Use the network printer while keeping your online privacy protected.

Best VPN Deals


One of the select few VPNs to receive a perfect “Outstanding” rating from PCMag is NordVPN. It has received 5-star ratings from CNET and Trustpilot as well. NordVPN’s double-data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption, which entirely obscures you and your data, is one of its strongest features. It guarantees you always have a high-speed connection and provides more than 5,300 server locations across 59 nations, enabling you to get around geo-restrictions. Additionally, because of their rigorous no-logging policy, you can be confident they won’t ever sell your information to third parties. 68% discount at $89

Avira VPN

Ivacy, the 2019 BestVPN.com Fastest VPN Award winner, uses strong 256-bit encryption to lock down your browsing without slowing it down. You will be able to access fast, secure, uninterrupted P2P file-sharing while avoiding ISP speed restriction and port blocking thanks to more than 3,500 servers in more than 100 locations, plus a dedicated VPN add-on for Kodi. It enables 5 connections simultaneously, operates with various compatible devices, and upholds a strict zero-logging policy. Even the National Cyber Security Alliance counts it among its formal partners. Due to a temporary price reduction, it’s also one of the greatest VPN offers. 96% off at $39.99

VPN Surfshark

Thanks to its 1,200+ servers compatible with torrents and limitless data, Surfshark VPN is regarded as one of the best VPNs for securely streaming and downloading anything online. SurfShark provides a safe, secure, and uninterrupted view of the web with military-grade AES-256-GCM encryption, IKEv2, and OpenVPN protocols, as well as CleanWebTM to prevent advertisements, trackers, and malware while you browse. Additionally, it is the only VPN that provides limitless concurrent connections. 80% off at $111.99


According to TenBestVPNs, “FastestVPN is one of the most promising VPN services on the market.”
With a 99.9% uptime, this clever, user-friendly choice works with all gadgets, including smart TVs and routers. It offers you a NAT firewall, an ad blocker, anti-malware software, and a VPN. Additionally, if your connection stops, a kill switch on the internet prevents disclosing your IP address. Additionally, it upholds a rigorous no-logging policy like all top-tier VPNs. 96% off at $19.99


Similar to FastestVPN, BulletVPN takes pride in its speed. Thanks to its industry-standard encryption algorithms and premium-grade carrier lines that boost your browsing speed while shielding you from cyberattacks, it has received high praise from The VPN Guru, Comparitech, and vpnMentor. No matter where you are, BulletVPN gives streamers access to hundreds of geo-restricted channels. 92% off at $38.99


The HYDRA protection provided by SlickVPN, built for globetrotters, coffee shop warriors, and expats, gives you exceptional security. You can access gateways in more than 45 countries while maintaining your anonymity as an IP address, enabling you to get around geo-restrictions while maintaining a secure, private connection. No matter what you’re doing online—banking, gaming, browsing, chatting, viewing, or anything else—SlickVPN ensures it’s safe and quick. Naturally, it also upholds a strict no-logging policy. 98% off at $19.99

VPN Seed4.me

Even if you’re new to using a VPN, this lightweight VPN is easy to set up and activate across all your devices. You may unblock websites, surf anonymously, and secure your traffic once it has started. It’s like using the internet without boundaries when servers are in more than 30 countries. Users can securely install Seed4.me on an unlimited number of devices and browse with unlimited simultaneous connections. Each server location has a redundant number of nodes constituting a fault-tolerant system. Its practicality and use have been highlighted in The Huffington Post, Wired, Forbes, and CNET. 90% off at $39.99


The useful capability of VPN split tunneling gives customers more control over their internet usage while balancing security, performance, and local resource access. Users should use caution while configuring split tunneling to prevent potential security threats and information leakage. A wise move to ensuring that your internet experience is secure and enjoyable can be ensuring that your VPN provider is credible and enables split tunneling.

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