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Heading tags optimization for good SEO

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Heading tags optimization for good seoTags optimization is very important. Heading tags play an important role in SEO. They help search engine to know structure and important elements of your website. The main heading tags which you should care about in your website are: h1. h2 and h3 heading tag. Heading tags are used to highlight import elements of the page. Optimizing your heading tags will lead to better performance of your website in search result.

In this article, I will give you some tips on How to use heading tags smartly and improve performance of your website in search result with the help of tags optimization?

As discussed earlier, h1,h2 and h3 are the main heading tags and it is compulsory to use them on your page. Although you can leave h3 heading tag but it is must to have h1 and h2 tag on every single page of your website.

Always remember, H1 tag can only be used once on a page. If you are using H1 tag more than one time on your page then your site will be affected severely by search engines.

Now, let’s find out which tag should be used where for good tags optimization?

Heading tags optimization on homepage and Archive pages

Home page and archive page of your website are a type of index pages. They serve different articles of your website to the search engine bots and help them to index different pages of your website. There are two main elements on homepage and archive pages of your website: Site Title and Article Title

On home page and archive page, the main element is site title, and next main element is article titles and after that site’s tag line.

On index pages of your website the title is more important than anything else because index page have links to different article which mean index page is not talking about any single thing instead index page is talking about different articles at once. Site title is more important compared to different articles and pages of your website TOGETHER. So it is recommended to use H1 tag on index pages , pages which have various article such as homepage and archive page. Obviously, the next main element on a index page will be title of different articles. So, make sure you have set H2 heading tag for the titles of articles.

H3 tag is optional but if you want to use it, you can use H3 heading tag on description or tag line of your website because it tells search engines, and visitors of course What is your site all about? For instance, www.techday.in – By looking at URL or indexing various articles of site Search Engines could not make out what site is all about ? Remember they are not human. But Learn Computer tricks and tips make sense and can help ’searchers’ to make out what is site all about?

Tags optimization on single Posts and Pages

Single post is referred to a single article. On a single article and page there are again two main and one optional element, title of site, title of article and optional one- site tag line. Unlike index pages such as homepage and archive page, on an article and a page the main element is the title of article and page because the article and page are talking about a single thing and not different things, as there was in index pages.

On Single post and page, H1 heading tag should be used on title of page and article and H2 heading tag should be used on title of website because here the visitor who is looking for anything has nothing to do with name of your website, he only care what article is all about? So it is good to use H1 on article and page title and H2 on site’s name. H3 is optional here and can be used on site’s tag line.

Tip: Never use any kind of heading tag on sidebar or on sidebar widgets of your website because the content of sidebar is always same on all the pages and the sidebar doesn’t help you in SEO anyway. Sidebar is just to help visitors of your website for easy navigation and are used to for ads and self promotion. So, it is not advised to use any king of heading tag on the sidebar of your website.

That’s it, you have now ‘SEOized’ headings of your website and your site is ready to jump higher in search results with this tags optimization skill.

Ak Singh is a professional blogger. He is a Linux and Windows expert. You can check his blog where he teaches Computer tricks and tips.

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